Pat’s reputation for quality work and excellent customer skills has been his trademark of his work history in construction. Starting his own company is just another step in his quest to deliver services to customers that were second to none. It has always been Pat’s competitive edge that has pushed him ahead with customers and suppliers. His focus on creative integrated carpentry building now places him in a unique situation. Many of the homes around the area will inquire about home remodeling and his history of project successes has made him a valuable resource to this area’s neighborhoods.

Pat is a talented professional who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of St. Thomas in Economics that he obtained while working full time in the construction field. Pat entered the world of construction in 1993 as a means to pay for his education and quality of life. He quickly gained a reputation for quickly and creative work. He started his apprenticeship in 1993 and became a journeyman carpenter soon after graduation in 1998. Pat has worked exclusively in carpentry for the past 15 years.

Pat has worked for Crawford Merz Anderson, Inc. and has created a base of customer support that praises his ability to handle all aspects and responsibilities of the home remodeling carpentry design and construction process.